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Private Coaching With Emily

Since the pandemic began, Emily has created her own Performing Arts Studio from the ground up. Emily started with one private student and her studio has grown by dozens in only a few short months.  Emily specializes in children's theater arts education but works with all ages and skill levels, teaching private dance, acting, voice and audition prep classes. 

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Emily Meredith

Studio for the Performing Arts

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What We offer

Grow. Learn. Create. 

Private Acting Lessons

Explore various acting techniques and genres through personalized, private lessons with Emily. 

Private Dance Lessons

Grow your passion for movement with a professional dancer.  Offering private lessons in Ballet, Musical Theater and children's movement exploration.

Private Voice Lessons

Already an 'Elite Instructor' for companies such as Tunelark and Take-lessons, and Jolie Musique Conservatory, you can also work with Emily directly, lessons range from 30m-1hr. 

College Audition Prep

Having gone through the college audition process herself, Emily knows what it takes to get into a top BFA program for Musical Theater/Acting.  Work with Emily one on one, finding the right audition pieces and learning how to present yourself perfectly for your college auditions.

Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Emily's background in musical theater is perfect for teaching our 10-year-old daughter! We signed her up for jazz to help her with choreography. We love that Emily teaches routines with Broadway music. She has also been very responsive by email, and Emily tailored our lessons to best fit our daughter.

— Lisa, Student Parent


I don’t know what you’re waiting for, book with Emily RIGHT NOW!! She creates such a safe and fun learning environment that makes anyone feel at home. I love that she can be so encouraging and yet challenge you at the same time! Like I said what are you waiting for?? 10/10 would recommend!

---- Melody, Student 

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